Outreach & Prevention

The Prevention and Education Department offers a wide range of evidence-based programs to educate Utahns of all ages and backgrounds about domestic violence. This department also works to bring awareness about domestic violence issues and ultimately prevent domestic violence in Utah. Prevention and Education staff members can provide programs for individuals, groups, companies, churches, classrooms, schools, and any other location/function interested in learning more about domestic violence and available services. In addition to educational programs,  Prevention and Education staff members attend events to provide information about domestic violence, agency services,  and other resources in the community. These events include but are not limited to community events (fairs), volunteer/employment fairs, health and wellness fairs, business expos, and conferences.

All our material is available in English and Spanish.Teen Dating Violence Prevention Presentation ( designed for teens ages 12-18)

This is a great presentation for classrooms (virtual), teen groups, church groups, etc.

Domestic Violence 101 Presentation (designed for adult groups)

This is a presentation designed for adult groups, teaching the foundations of domestic violence and how to get help.

Prevention and Education Department Programs


General Domestic Violence

Provides information to the audience about: what a healthy relationship looks like in comparison to an unhealthy relationship, statistics of domestic violence for Utah and the United States, what an individual can do to help a person who is in a domestic violence situation, how to safety plan, and what resources are available in the community.



Developed with teenage dating in mind. This curriculum engages teenagers to start thinking of the elements of healthy relationships and to know where to get help if they are in an abusive relationship.


Healthy Relationships Conversations

Developed for any adult in our community to learn about healthy ways to develop relationships and learn about resources available when facing family violence. Topics discussed are self-esteem, conflict resolution, anger management, effective communication, making decisions, motivation and attitude, financial education, and setting goals.



Designed for beauticians to identify family violence among their clientele and learn about available resources.


If you would like to schedule a presentation or extend an invitation to partner at an event, please call 801-255-1095 ext. 214 or email Abe at .