A Home for the Holidays

I received a text the other day from one of our donations team members with the photo on the right, which is "holiday central" at the shelter. Usually, this room is the client boutique that many of you have kept stocked with donations. I joked that my house doesn't look quite that chaotic, but close!

I was just about to clean out my texts today when I reread that exchange. My warm, safe, festive, and happy home looks like...the shelter. Maybe your home does as well. And what a wonderful thing to be able to say. 

I talk a lot about our services. I talk about the impact the agency has on lives. I talk about our crucial role in creating safer communities and preventing families from experiencing homelessness. But, after looking at this photo a bit longer, I realized that when I'm talking about the work of South Valley Services, I'm talking about providing our clients a home. Maybe we are a sanctuary in a crisis. Perhaps the home is the culmination of a long-term plan created with the help of an SVS case manager. So, yes, SVS provides housing. But truly, SVS provides homes.

During this festive time of year, when we decorate our houses and prepare to invite friends and family to share in our joy, I can't help but think that South Valley Services is providing this same heartwarming and welcoming space for survivors.

So, thank you for everything you have done for South Valley Services and our clients throughout the year. Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

Happy holidays from South Valley Services!