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 In late September, mineral exploration and drilling services company, Boart Longyear gathered 44 of its senior leaders from across the globe to volunteer at South Valley Services. Over the course of the afternoon, the large group provided much-needed help across several projects, including organizing our shelter’s boutique, moving heavy furniture between offices, taxing yardwork such as tree and weed removal, paving and painting, as well as improving the organization of our IT closet and installing new hardware on several staff laptops. With Boart Longyear’s combined help, pressing items were checked off a long list SVS staff don’t necessarily have the time or skillset to manage regularly. Boart Longyear’s collective time, energy and services were welcomed on the day, with the group pledging a $5000 cash donation to be received later in the year. .

SVS Development Director, Josie White affirmed the need for volunteers. Groups such as Boart Longyear are tremendous assets to South Valley Services. Without the support of Boart Longyear’s senior leaders, many of our projects would remain incomplete and would continue to weigh on the minds and hearts of SVS’ staff. Despite our collective passion for our jobs and cause, we each only have so much time. On behalf of the SVS team, we are all resting easier knowing our to-do items have been taken care of.”

Two SVS board members who were integral in executing this project are Board Chair, Ty Barnes and Chair Elect, Nicholas Nash. Ty has worked at Boart Longyear on and off since 2010 and is currently the Global Director of Audit and Risk Services while Nick has worked at Boart Longyear since 2021 as both the Global Corporate Counsel, Company Secretary and Global Corporate and Governance Counsel. Their combined experience and diverse skillset complements SVS, highlighting the importance every volunteer brings, and the unique connections which benefit our cause. SVS is grateful for the combined support offered by our Board members Ty and Nick, and their generous employer, Boart Longyear. Every activity Boart Longyear contributed to really made a difference. “There’s so much to be grateful for, although I am particularly thrilled for the new SS drives and assistance in the boutique,” White said.

“Without volunteer groups, these issues would persist and feel insurmountable. Boart Longyear’s volunteering has proven such a relief across so many areas of SVS. For me, I’m thankful to have the boutique up and running again.”


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