Holiday Hope For SVS Clients

SVS is delighted to once again be participating in the Sub-4-Santa program this year. We are always immensely grateful to receive so many different gifts from sponsors for our families living in the shelter during these holiday seasons. It is especially heart-warming to see the children living at the shelter being able to wake up to the same Christmas magic that so many other children across the globe receive. Every year SVS ensures a safe and warm holiday season for all of our residents and providing traditional holiday comforts is made possible through our generous donors. SVS is proud to announce that twenty-seven families living in the shelter, as well as families referred to us by our case managers, will be the recipients of gifts provided by our generous and caring Sub-4-Santa sponsors.


Sub-4-Santa is a program that has touched many families' lives throughout Utah. The program's goal is “to ensure that no child goes without a present at Christmas.” Last year a family staying at the shelter was a recipient of a Sub-4-Santa family donation. The mom, who had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatments, expressed her deepest gratitude for her sponsors who were able to keep the magic of Santa alive in her family…

"Sub-4-Santa saved our Christmas the last year and this year. My boys would not have had a chance to get gifts of any sort, especially precisely what they asked for from Santa, if it were not for this program; they would have lost their belief in Santa. I am so thankful for the Sub-4-Santa gifts they got last year, being they woke up with complete astonishment in their eyes!"

The loving mother went on to say, “ I can not explain in words other than complete gratitude and joy! Thank you so much for your gifts to my little family; with tears, thank you!”

Sub-4-Santa is a special event for our new Volunteer and Donations Coordinator, Rob. Rob has worked with SVS for over three years now. He started as a victim's advocate but is now the new Volunteer and Donations Coordinator.  He has expressed a deepness of gratitude for all volunteers and donors who have made SVS’s Sub-4-Santa 2022 a huge success, “The holidays are synonymous with stress and hardship, so I'm glad I'm able to relieve some of the headaches and allow our clients to focus on other priorities. It also brings a tear to my eye when I see the selfless items our clients wish for, even during this difficult time of their lives. And I want to give a huge Thank You to all of our volunteers that reached out to SVS to help make this a possibility! Because of their help, our clients know they aren't forgotten during the holiday season."

Would you like to bring holiday joy to our clients this year? Please consider making a cash donation using the link below. Any amount goes a long way in helping aid survivors and their children. 

From all of us at SVS we wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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